Beatrix Papp

Beatrix Papp

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First Name * Beatrix
Last Name * Papp
Username * Beatrix
Country * Hungary




Works, Awards:

- Digic Pictures, employed, environment artist
- EXPOSÉ 10., Pumpkingdom, surreal

- Freelancer work:
- Historia Kumanorum, historical book design
- Book cover design, Terry Deary "Tudor Chronicles" book series, Cover art for the Hungarian edition of the novel Vango written by Timothée de Fombelle, Móra Publisher PLC.

- BLACKHOLE Entertainment (Warhammer: Mark of Chaos) - digital matte painting
- EXPOSÉ 6, Monster from hell, creatures.

- BLACKHOLE Entertainment (Warhammer: Mark of Chaos) - overview map design, modelling and texture painting
- Pettson and Findus - cartoon - background painting

- BLACKHOLE Entertainment (Exigo-projekt) - overview map design and painting, digital matte painting
- EXPOSÉ 2. -"Janusfaced man", Excellence Award-2D Painting

- Annual Report of Hungarian Telecom Company - art direction, Investor Relations Magazine's award as the best Annual Report

- Hungarian National Gallery, "Árkádia tájain" exhibition - designing an exhibition image, "Opus Mirabile" Award of Hungarian Science Academy

Poster competition - Tax Free World Exhibiton, III. prize


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